About Us

The TechTV why?

Pakistan is a developing country and there was a desperate need to have a television channel that would focus on science and technology and can identify the sector where we need to adopt technology. Adaptation of technology in our daily life leads towards streamline a process and success which the developed world has experienced very successfully.

TechTV has the privilege of being the first exclusive Web/Satellite based television channel of Pakistan, Muslim World, and of the developing countries, which mainly focuses on education and knowledge. It has gone an extra mile in offering an ample space especially to students and budding researchers to showcase their talent and potential in Science and Technology sector.

All television channels in Pakistan are operative with a different perspective covering almost all areas except education and learning, marking a major flaw in developing a knowledgeable society. At the same time, the Science and Technology sector has not been accorded priority in past in Pakistan, the culture of innovations and entrepreneurship could not develop with its full potential. However, the TechTV has in its fold a series of initiatives and sustained television programs to foster as well as promote education, learning as well as the culture of innovations. 

The TechTV role

People can access a significant amount of information in shape of easy-to-access videos with reference to any topic in the shortest time.

No doubt, a few television channels are covering academic activities however; their focus is confined to classroom. While on the other hand, the TechTV has a wider perspective in terms of giving knowledge also targeting the general public and thus converting it into job opportunities and strong economy. The TechTV has a potent role to play in getting fresh science and technology graduates and industry closer through promoting exhibitions, road shows and talk shows.

The TechTV synopsis

The TechTV synopsis covers Battle of Science, Campus Report, Career Counseling, Chat Room, DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects, Dr. Universe, Fakhra-e-Pakistan (interviews of senior Pakistani scientists and technocrats), Food on Net, Golden Era, Green Tech, Know-How, Lecture Series, Mahaul Se Dosti Kijye (Lets be friend of environment), Math Magic, Pakistani Talent, Physics ki Duniya (The knowledge of Physics), Policy with Parliamentarian (Science and Technology policy issues debate with Parliamentarians), Power of Invisible (features and future of NanoTechnology), Robo Call, Science Fun, Science Quiz, Space Diary, Tech Canteen, Tech Feed, Telecom Debate, The Tech Guy, Ubharta Sitara (Shining Star), Weekly IT, Zameen ka Saiban (Ozone the earth protector), and many more.

The TechTV impact

Development of science culture for a prosperous society through science popularization is the core area and making the masses aware of what is happening around the globe, in the field of Science and Technology.

The expected outcome of TechTV is to;

  • ·         increase in general public awareness in science and technology
  • ·         boost literacy rate
  • ·         popularize science and technology among viewers (students and general public)
  • ·         promote culture of innovations
  • ·         train cost-effective and cheap solutions to persistent different crisis
  • ·         turn knowledge into job opportunities
  • ·         utilize unused materials through application of science and technology